Guptipara can be reached from Kolkata or Howrah on the suburban train service. Local trains from Howrah, Katwa and Bandel stop at Guptipara railway station. Train service is also available from Sealdah. Guptipara is 74 km (46 mi) from Howrah and 35 km (22 mi) from Bandel on the Bandel–Katwa Branch Line.

Guptipara is connected by roadways, including the Assam (S.T.K.K.) Road.

Buses are available from district headquarters Chinsurah & Kalna (Kalna–Chinsurah 8 No. Private Bus), Burdwan (Guptipara–Burdwan) and Tarakeswar (Guptipara–Tarakeswar).

Ferry service to Guptipara is available from Shantipur and Tarapur.

Autorickshaw services are available from Jirat (Jirat–Guptipara) and from Kalna (Kalna–Guptipara).
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