Guptipara sits beside the Hooghly River that divides Guptipara into two parts (Panchayat I and II are situated in the western part and Panchayat III is situated on the eastern side).

Two oxbow lakes, Dekol and Dhama, are situated at the northern and southern end of Guptipara, respectively. Before the 15th century, many parts of Guptipara sank and were covered by lakes and rivers.

The Dekol was connected with the Hooghly by the Muri Ganga channel, which can no longer be traced. During floods, water from the river enters through the Muri Ganga Path before it reunites with Dekol.

An increase in population and farming, floods, the STKK road and railway lines define the landscape.

The village is part of the Hooghly-Burdwan Rice belt.

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